Sun, curries and awards: Durban International Film Festival 2015

Without even looking at the lineup for DIFF 2015, we booked our flights to Durban for mid-July. The promise of warm winter days, curries, cocktails on the beach, breakfast on the beach, lunch on the beach, movies on the beach – basically, not leaving the beach – were reasons enough to head to KZN. Aside from the touristy offerings, we wanted to show our support for our friends at Urucu Media, who premiered their feature film “Necktie Youth” at the festival. The film did exceptionally well with two sold-out screenings and the award for Best South African Feature and Best Director. For those of you that are planning a trip to Durban, here are Priest’s TO DOs: 1. Have your hair cut at the Maharani Hotel. And make sure you don’t have tea or coffee, order a cocktail. They will organise. 2. Eat at Daruma at Elangeni Hotel. You will witness a three egg handstand, performed by your very own personal chef. This is not to be missed. 3. Cocktails at Oyster Hotel and bligatory photos of you sippin’ said cocktail on the deck. 4. Drinks at the Chairman. The pictures don’t really do it justice, but we were wildly impressed.  The place is a myriad of beautifully decorated corridors and rooms, and there was a brilliant jazz band as entertainment. We could have been on the streets of Cuba.   dd3c78653b63ad7e5987fa94d7086862d55978b3de50d2fc1659293c06fa2677 a325768aa6534fd08072ddc829b44817 a084466e15e5f1a4a941f6539342e73f 7893a8348d783f4ef5f9ea508b597fd3 794af9686674583fd63e1060d7fb4f05 83d7f6002f7c97a486918ca4362d0e26 017fd70c656b452e277c6352ff9e1163     IMG_0278IMG_0246 04a754d4143d671ae69af1fc6b1117ce


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