How to make an elephant disappear

Nathan, our Visual Effects Wizard, has been taking some extra/after-hour lessons this year.

Nathan is a self taught man and is always looking to expand his skill set. Kicking off in January, Nathan was one of 28 participants in an eight week Houdini course. When he approached us to ask if he could do the course in and around work projects, we had absolutely no idea what Houdini was. But we knew we loved the name.

Since then, we have all been immersed in the fascinating world of particle modelling and procedural animation that has been used to create feature films like Frozen. Senior technical director at Blizzard, Saber Jlassi, designed and facilitated the course. Blizzard is one of the world’s most famous gaming companies, creating epic games like StarCraft and World of Warcraft.

Needless to say, Nathan has been rolling with the big guns.

Here is a quick look at the various chapters Nathan worked through. And watch out for Priest’s animation revision of the feature film, Silence of the Lambs (if only).