A note on Priest’s growth

It’s no secret that Priest continues to grow in the post production field. This year, we edited our second feature film, The Wound, which has been well received around the world.

We have been focusing on expanding an online content production department over the past three years. We have done some exciting projects and worked on interesting campaigns with our partners. Each project brings new ideas, new skills and stretches our capabilities.

Most importantly, we create content that works for our clients. From the get-go, we workshop and brainstorm ideas with our clients, looking at what message they need to get out and to identify call-to-actions. With the help of freelance copywriters, we have developed some whip smart scripts to create impactful piece of content.

Check out some of our work, which includes Pick ‘n Pay, Hill’s Pet Food, The Laughing Cow and University of Cape Town Business School.