Priest’s 2014 Showreel (and why interns are always a good thing)

Interns. Some companies love them, a lot of companies avoid them. We enjoy taking on interns; they get to hang out with real life editors, eat our famous lunches and have the pleasure of cutting our yearly showreel.

As 2014 drew to an end and we were bombarded with intern applications, Francois Conradie was our intern of choice. Young, impressionable and more laid back than a pineapple, he was an easy fit. We spotted his talent immediately and asked him to do the arduous task of cutting our showreel.

With very little direction, Francois produced a showreel that really impressed us. Not only did it impress us, but it made us realise how many cool projects we worked on!

A huge thank you to Francois, and to our clients who keep bringing us such exciting work. Here is to 2015!