Priest hosts the first “Women in Philanthropy” event of 2015

Women in Philanthropy  is a volunteer-based organisation that aims to bring together passionate women involved in the social sector in Cape Town. Every six to eight weeks, they invite women to discuss trends, changes and blockages in the local social sector.

The March event was held at Priest’s offices in Woodstock, the ideal venue for such an event. Our top floor, open plan offices allow for a flow and mix of energies, surrounded by views of Devils Peak and Table Mountain. Twenty one women sat on our collection of sofas and couches as they listened closely to the inspirational speakers. A breakfast buffet was prepared by Claire Bennette of Happy Hens. (For those of you that frequent the Oranjezicht City Farm, you will recognise her eggs). Claire put on a spread of croissants, muffins, quiches, fruit platters and yoghurt parfaits.

SAfmRadio host, Nancy Richards, interviewed Lucinda Richards, director of Philisa Abafazi Bethu, an organisation that works to protect and empower women and children of Lavender Hill. Lucinda spoke of her personal story as a young girl growing up in Lavender Hill, her work for Red Cross as a young woman and how she realised that her vocation would be dedicated to reversing the affects of poverty as best she could, one mother and child at a time. To date, Philisa Abafazi Bethu has 365 women and children they protect and support. Lucinda spoke about the problems she receives from getting any support from the City of Cape Town, Western Cape and Department of Social Development, despite continuous and ongoing departments with all parties. Nancy reaffirmed that the purpose of the events organised by Women in Philanthropy is to bring different skills sets and expertise together, and asked Lucinda what she needed most. Her wishlist includes a new and updated website, assistance in putting together a strategy for capacity building and fundraising.

As always, we love the shift when our offices go from workspace to sharespace, and it was a pleasure having our office filled with women doing important work in industries outside of media.

If you would like to host a networking event, talk or screening at our offices, please contact Jess at . Priest doesn’t charge for venue hire; our aim with opening our offices is to open ourselves up to people and organisations doing great work and to introduce the up-and-coming Salt River area to a broader audience.



Speakers Nancy Richards and Lucinda Evans.

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