Meet Ayla, our Dutch intern.

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Hi there,

So hello, I am the new Priest intern from The Netherlands! My name is Ayla, 23 years old and I’m studying Image and Media Technology at The University of Arts in Utrecht. Ok, I keep it simple: my study is al about moving image and everything that’s possible with it.

I arrived here Monday night so I had Tuesday to discover the city for a little bit. My sister is living in Cape town for two years and I never had the chance to visit her. I knew that in the third year we had to start working in the video industry so I started searching in Cape Town and I found a lovely internship at Priest (so far:)). Perfect: learning, working and being in beautiful Cape Town at the same time. A lot of my Dutch friends escaped European winters by visiting Cape Town in the summer and all I heard was loads of stories about food, wine, music and the amazing nature. I can’t wait to taste, hear and see it all.

Priest asked me to start a vlog about Cape Town and I have decided to focus on a few categories. The categories will be: Culture – One minute in, Music – Music stories and People – faces of Cape Town. The culture video’s will be about different parts in Cape Town in one minute. Every part has so much character in food, wine, art and nature that you will get a fast impression of one area in one minute. The music stories will be different, it can be a short documentary, festival story or a music video. Every city has so many special stories and in Faces of Cape Town you will hear them. In this vlog you can follow all the categories and we will upload a video each week.

I am looking forward to making these video’s and figuring out this city as I see it.

Keep you posted!

Ayla has already produced a teaser campaign for her Instagram series, which will be launching as soon as we get over our Speculoos hangover.

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