Espressobar Racer Breakfast Club…now at Priest Espressobar

What goes best with early morning, weekend rides? Coffee. Or, depending on your preferences, what goes best with early morning coffee? Weekend rides.

Every Saturday morning, riders from Espressobar Racer Club meet at Priest Espressobar on Jan Smuts Avenue at 9am. Vini serves up coffees, espressos, cortados alongside his Breakfast Sandwiches: scramble eggs, bacon and pork sausage topped with cheese and salsa on a breakfast roll, served with a side of caramelised onion and salad.

The Espressobar is open from 8am, so pull in early to watch the bikers arrive in their full, leather-clad glory!

All photos are taken by Joe Fleming.biker2 biker3 biker4 biker5 biker7 biker8 biker9 biker10 biker11 biker12