The people of Priest: A series of portraits and an exercise in brand building

A few years ago, Priest hired the services of a marketing consultant to refresh and revive our brand and strategy. One point of feedback was to personalise all our points of contact with potential and existing customers to establish an immediate sense of familiarity.

Our primary point of contact with customers are quotes. Quotes are usually bland and lack brand personality, so we decided that is where we could add a bit of a Priest punch.

Luckily for us, our motion effects and junior editor, Amelia, is a keen illustrator and likes to update her drawing book when is she between jobs. Being a fan of fantasy and anime, she draws little windows into magical worlds that are usually scored with detailed character sketches. After seeing her produce sketch after sketch, we came up with the idea to have her sketch a portrait of each staff member to include on our quotes. Not only would it differentiate and personalise our quotes, but it would also indicate the scope of the skills at Priest.

Amelia produced beautiful portraits; each sketch highlighted a dominate feature in each staff member but still held an uncanny resemblance to each. The process has been successful; it has been a bonding team experience and we have received great feedback from our customers.