6 Facts That Might Change The Way You Think About “Gamers”

  • Gamers are 5 x more likely to marry a stripper
  • In South Korea, Gamers can attract a rugby stadium crowd of 65,000
  • 48% of all Gamers are women
  • Surgeons, who regularly play video games make 37% fewer errors and perform tasks 27% faster than their peers
  • eSports has been accepted by the Olympic Committee of Asia and is now accredited at every level as a sport 
  • Steve Wozniak’s favorite video game is Tetris.

Priest’s extraordinary VFX artist intern, Nathan ‘StatiC’ Anderson, is the current StarCraft II® South African champion.  He’s been chosen to represent SA at the eSports World Championship in Seoul, South Korea in early December. 

The SA Proteas will be up against strong competition in a country that considers professional gaming a huge deal.  South Korea has fibre to almost every home and gamers are considered adored celebrities with their matches broadcast on TV and online.  There is even a government department dedicated to gaming development.

Nathan is a seasoned warhorse, having represented South Africa in Romania in 2013 and in Azerbaijan in 2014, so all we have to say is “Nathan, a video game emphasizes skillful thinking and planning to achieve victory. You will have to face strategic, tactical, and sometimes logistical challenges. So be prepared!”

WTG Nathan!