“The Local Loco: The Hat Hustler”: A documentary on the history and style of Vini Reynes

As we have said before, one of the best things about working on a gallery strip is that we get to hang out with artists, freelancers and gallery owners. Vini in particular has become very friendly with our neighbours – so much so that one of our neighbour’s daughter asked if she could make a documentary about Vini.

Jade Posner is daughter of Anthony Posner, a patron of the non-commercial arts and regular customer to our espressobar, enjoying our olives and draught beer special. As part of her film degree, Jade directed a short documentary featuring our barista, Vini. Born in Chile, Vini immigrated to south of Johannesburg with his family over 30 years ago. This interesting mix of influence has allowed Vini to cultivate a very individual sense of style; he often dresses with a Latino/flamenco style, which bright reds, purples and bold prints. He mixes revolution (“my friends joke that they will make me a shirt that says ‘Vini for el presidente'”) with Don Drapper, opting for Fedoras and Che Guevara printed T-Shirts.

“The Local Loco” does a great job of subtly blending the history of Vini with the textures of the south of Johannesburg. You can watch the full documentary here.