A solo exhibition by Frederick Clarke
7 – 31 July 2016
142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank, JHB


Numbers, games, patterns, vibrations, symbols and sound are some of multiple elements that contribute to this new body of work.

Clarke is both a visual artist and music producer, with Sudoku showcasing his latest drawings, and Tri-EP music launch, released under the name Pre-math. This will take the form of a limited edition linocut+USB package.

Both the music and visual elements open windows into abstract worlds of detail, colour and texture. The ink drawings explore aspects of Eastern aesthetics, reshaping symbols and compositions into a new and personalized visual language.

“My work is a continual investigation into the unseen elements that we experience as human beings. Behind our skins, words and thoughts are unmapped spheres of sensibility and intelligence, that I feel art and music have always transcribed and communicated to society. It is a way of introducing the ‘alien’ into more familiar spaces.

I experience the process of creating as a game of listening, feeling and problem solving, refining raw coding into something readable and complete. The experience of art and music remains subjective and free in my mind, a continual flow of energy transfer, and a reprise from the constraints of more ‘normal’ environments that we navigate from day to day.

Music and art have always felt like the same thing in many ways, a code that enters our eyes and ears and has effect, like a medicine or drug, made to make us feel better, higher, and closer to truth.”

If you are interested in buying any work please click on this link to view and invest.