iD_Visual Art Exhibition


iD_Visual Art Exhibition
Curated by Dumisani Jere
5 May – 1 June 2016


Firstly, to introduce myself Dumisani “Devolutionery” Jere is an artist from the West-Rand of Johannesburg. With the keen-eye and creative ability to capture the observation of reality and the subconscious ideologies of reality in a fully passionate, innovative and surreal manner which pushes the current state of expressive and abstract forms of visual communication design. Now, in this self-promotional essay I will be exploring illustration as my main career choice in a South African context. My First solo exhibition was entitled The Visionary Art Exhibition which was hosted at Grayscale Gallery (Braamfontein, JHB) on 02 February 2013.

Therefore within my growth and progression as an illustrator and creative artist I have realised that one of my strong points is the manner that I have learned to place more refined levels of line detail in capturing expression in the most profound degree. The key to my development within the visionary boundary ideas is the greater implementation and excision that has been influenced greatly by local urban creative culture in and from Johannesburg.

The Company

DevolutionDesign is the core central creative establishment that completely caters for the following illustration (major), communication design and motion design that I studied at (Open Window (Pty) Ltd) and I currently aim to creatively produce visionary ideas for the visual art exhibition.

Produces and Service

For the iD visual art exhibition the following 25 artworks will be showcased.

•  Illustration: traditional art (professional print-out, inking and drafting), digital art (5 installation art pieces placed on wood) and laser engraving (20 illustrated art pieces on wood and Plexiglas sheets)

•  Motion Design: curatorial promotional animated (2+3D visualization film art)

The artworks will mainly focus on the rediscovery and identification of my subconscious ideologies at reflecting the current existences of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical through the means of the above mentioned mediums of visual communication, presentation and showcasing. The duration of the exhibition will run from the (opening night) 05 of May until the 01 of June 2016.

Partnership and Sponsorship

To ensure a great and successful exhibition, Priest is the best suited venue for the iD_Visual Art Exhibition, as to increase the marketing for Priest in JHB of the artistic relation and progression.

For preview illustrated imagery is on instagram:

If you are interested in buying any work please click on this link to view and invest.