Authentic Thinkers


An Exhibition Presented by Isa Schwartz and Curated by Dr. Fred Scott.
4 – 31 August 2016
142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank, JHB

The Priest art gallery is pleased to host a contempory group exhibition presented by Isa Schwartz Gesseau and curated by Dr Fred Scott. ‘Authentic Thinkers’ features works by a variety of contemporary artists who consistently show a spirit of exploration in their work.

Liberty BATTSON (1990): Battson’s work focuses on a methodical process of analysis and expression.

Zander BLOM (1982): Blom’s earlier works explored the ‘modernist movements’ with a fresh insight to transpose historical works into higher levels.

Karl GIETL (1970): Gietl explores challenging eccentricities of reality and adds a unique aesthetic depth to physical human conditions.

Io MAKANDAL (1987): Makandal is drawn to the unhinged and inherent contradictions between decay and development in human habitats and how that expresses a certain condition in the human psyche.

Jurgen MEEKEL (1963): Meekel brings distinctive ‘spatial’ developed sculptural concepts to audiences in the form of drawings, prints and audiovisual experiences.

Isaac ZAVALE (1981): Zavale, an experienced print maker, uses his personal experiences to symbolize his identity with Mozambican and South African culture.

Sandile Zulu (1960): Zulu creates textured canvases through burning and scorching, which is merged with collage techniques to express his inspired conceptual ideas.

The exhibition will present a visual experience in contemporary art that spans modern expressionism, abstract art, as well as conceptual viewpoints.