A Romulus Rebus


A Romulus Rebus: Imaging ‘the’ Empire
A group exhibition curated by Priest

1 – 29 June 2017
142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Rosebank, JHB

The Curated group exhibition, “A Romulus Rebus” points a crooked finger at the evasive and veiled faces of empire and imperialism. From the exposed tip of the continent to every other flag bearing country the effects of a drive to conquer, unite and control is evident. Through the hands and minds of a selection of artists, “A Romulus Rebus” hopes to make manifest the indelible stigmata of old empires, to identify the lurching movements of the new empires, to scratch at the masks of its Ideologies and discourses of control. Finally; to lay bare the intimate desires and fears that motivate this inhumane expression of humanity.

Participating artists include:

Gordon Froud
Louis Minnaar
Wayne Barker
Vusi Beauchamp
Elizaveta Rukavishnikova
Mark Rautenbach
Susan Erasu
Raimi Gbadamosi
Graham Jones
Stephen Rosin
Emma Willemse
Liza Grobler
Collen Maswangany