Content Production

Priest’s strength has always been crafting a story and capturing an audience. Based at our offices in Cape Town, our production team works with a variety of high skilled directors and videographers to create and produce a variety of online content.

Priest fell into content production in September 2013 when we were asked by New Media Publishing to shoot a brand film for a major car brand. Two days, one downhill rider and a few hundred favours later, we produced “Silver Slipstreams”, a 5 minute brand film for to promote Mercedes A45 AMG via MBLife magazine. The film was nominated for a Loerie in 2014 and has been played half a million times on YouTube.

Since then, we have been catering to digital agencies, PR agencies, tertiary institutions, start ups and not-for-profit organisations to create and produce high-quality content. We work with a variety of freelance directors, director of photographers, production designers and sound studios. Our team works closely with the agency and client to develop and craft a strong concept, script and then masterfully execute the production. We handle all post production inhouse, drawing on talents from Priest editors, The Monk online facilities and 744 Digital grading expertise.

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