Details of current installation at Priest.


Gallery Director Wayne Matthews and Assistant Curator Alison Shaw are bucking the normative white cube.  Priest comes to you as a hybridized, off kilter and progressive gallery run by artists for artists. Whilst the zeitgeist leans ever more into the tainted touch of commercialism and consumption Priest desires more nuance, deviation, experiment and serious play, the virtues of art as we understand it.

  • Concept
  • Process
  • Collaboration
  • Performance
  • Intervention
  • Presentation and conversation
  • Site specific, non-specific and installation.
We are open for propositions and proposals…


Priest is part Art Gallery and part Production office and Edit Suite.  It is situated on the “gallery strip” on 142 Jan Smuts Ave, Rosebank, Johannesburg.

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Dr Raimi Gbadamosi and Oliver Mayhew listen attentively to a Q & A session at the opening of a solo exhibition.

Nic Hester’s beautiful busts, part of his exquisitely crafted Nephilim Queen project.

James Delaney’s better half Pablo, waiting for his first espresso of the day.

Welcoming cocktails for the opening of Vex & Silence, a group exhibition.

A living fossil. The coelacanth by Peter Mammes fossilising the question of our own mortality.

Influencers Nicola Cooper and Chris Saunders analysing and strategising lifestyle trends.

George Holloway getting to grips with an angle grinder. Sarah Grace’s installation support for her Cosmic Egg show.

Monochromatic and moody two point perspective gallery interior.