A Romulus Rebus

The Curated group exhibition, “A Romulus Rebus” points a crooked finger at the evasive and veiled faces of empire and imperialism. From the exposed tip of the continent to every other flag bearing country the effects of a drive to conquer, unite and control is evident. Through the hands and minds of a selection of artists, “A Romulus Rebus” hopes to make manifest the indelible stigmata of old empires, to identify the lurching movements of the new empires, to scratch at the masks of its Ideologies and discourses of control. Finally; to lay bare the intimate desires and fears that motivate this inhumane expression of humanity.

Participating artists include:

Gordon Froud
Louis Minnaar
Wayne Barker
Vusi Beauchamp
Elizaveta Rukavishnikova
Mark Rautenbach
Susan Erasu
Raimi Gbadamosi
Graham Jones
Stephen Rosin
Emma Willemse
Liza Grobler
Collen Maswangany

Notebook of natural disastersHistory of small explosionsEmma WillemseJennifer Ord- AstygmataJennifer Ord - The One-Eyed Vise of VersaStephen Rosin - oh wellElizaveta17155605_1506294029411071_8684983387634884985_n


The forbidden knot

Imaging ‘the’ Empire

When we think of the traditions of Empire we glance nervously west but the imperial initiative will not be so narrowly known. Past the Age of Imperialism to the Aegis of Imperialism.

I came,

“You too, my child?” (kai su, teknon) asked Julius Ceaser to Brutus.

Crossing the Rubicon – Before I came I was. With necessary distinction the ‘I’ was in place, ideologically fully framed. We came with land in our heart, with its imbedded treasures, its labour resource, its mineral and its strategic importance, the Empire’s will, will expand. We glance back only to see where we come from, to know, and, assure us of the mandate to civilize and perpetuate what is WE and what is ours.

I saw, 

The Empire of the gaze or initiating the carceral continuum.

From the light and towards the darkness, we bring ourselves. Landfall, looking up, in the language of subjugation it is the eye that leads occupation, a possessing agency. From afar the voyeur from intimately near, the Panoptic, to wet desire and to establish hegemony. Benefactor to beneficiary…Models of discourse, cultural, medicinal and legal practice, systems of government and spiritual law. Then, when ‘the other’ inflects the ossified and oppressive mythos, the Panoptic, the essence of Empire and system is accomplished. The essence, then, is successfully created and the subject (subjugated) cannot add to the text for this is the duty of Empire and its agent.

I Conquered.

Stephen Rosin - If the Suit fits...Louis Minnaar - Auto Dark